Gift Cards: A Gift For You, Too

Everyone loves to give and receive gift cards - especially merchants! With our loyalty gift card program, we help you generate cash flow, promote new and repeat customer business, and increase customer loyalty. Not only are they easy to track, but they also provide data on customer trends. Our program allows you to smoothly pool programs with other stores, customize your receipt messages, and manage returns and store credit. And don’t forget every unused card means 100% profit for you!

Gift Cards By the Numbers

  • the average customer spends $60 or more over the value of their gift card
  • 93% of customers purchase or receive gift cards annually
  • 72% of customers end up purchasing more than the value on gift card
  • 3% of gift card customers shop at stores they don’t normally go to
  • 25% purchase an item they didn’t plan on
  • 8% buy a more expensive version of the product they wanted
  • people look at their wallets an average of 3-4 times per day - that’s a lot of free advertising!

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